2011 Budakalász, Tó utca 1


  • By train 5 to Budakalász station (the nearest stop is about 20 minutes by foot).
  • By car from Budapest take the main road „11” in the direction of Szentendre, turn right at the junction of the Lupa Island and follow the Lupaszigeti road to the car park at the main entrance.


Parking is possible in the main car park from 0-24 hours every day. (Parking fee 200HUF/hour, maximum 1000HUF / occasion)


A new venue is to be inaugurated for open water swimming at the 2020 European Championships, after several events held in Balatonfüred. Lupa Beach is in the northern agglomeration of Budapest, some 15min drive from the Duna Arena offering comfort for all open water swimmers as they can stay in the capital for the event.

Lupa Lake is a special artificial lake, the water is filling an old mine, coming from a spring catering half of the capital with drinking water. This ensures two extraordinary circumstances: the lake is very deep, even close to its shores it measures 3m of depth but mostly it’s 4-5m. And because of the source, the water is extremely clean – according to the certificate issued by the relevant authority, the water quality of Lupa Lake is of 99.2% of drinking water (the missing 0.8% is the chlorine, a compulsory addendum for tap water).

The temperature of the lake is usually 1C higher than of Lake Balaton, though due to the current weather abnormalities around Europe, it’s impossible to predict what conditions shall await the competitors in late May – one thing is for sure, though, that all facilities and security measures shall be in place during the championships.