The schedule of the LEN European Aquatics Championships to be held between 10-23rd May 2021 in Budapest has been updated and finalised after a consultation with LEN. Very soon the detailed programme will also be shared, so you may start planning ahead with your visit.

We kindly ask you to come back and visit the schedule and the tickets menu, stay tuned! For all those who have previously bought (for the original 2020 date) a ticket we offer two options:

  1. Rule number one is that all those spectators who have previously bought a ticket to one of the events of the 2020 Aquatics European Championships, will be entitled to use their tickets to the same competition, and to the same event of the postponed Aquatics European Championships in 2021. (For example: if you bought a ticket for the 3rd day of the swimming finals to watch the men’s 200m butterfly show, then during the Aquatics European Championships in 2021, you will be able to visit the 3rd day of the swimming competition, so 19th May, in the same way, so attend the men’s 200 m butterfly finals and take your seat at the same place – sector, row, seat).
  2. For all those who for some reason will not be able to come to the LEN Europeans in 2021, will be provided a 30 day period after the re-start of the ticket sales (a separate newsletter will be shared on our website and social media channels) when they will be able to return their ticket and get a refund through the official ticket partner by sending an e-mail to

Until then wish you a nice summer with lot of sports activities.